Question from thefallenfew

Asked: 3 years ago

What causes my Estus Flask to randomly go up one slot?

I noticed while grinding that, randomly, my character will glow for a second, almost like they absorbed something, and my Estus Flask will increase by one. What causes this?

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From: tankindude 3 years ago

From what I understand. If someone else kindles the bonfire you were just at you get a an extra swig of the estus juice so your helping eveyone else when you kindle.

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Just what tankindude said, whenever someone kindles the last bonfire you were at, you gain one free estus flask (not a permanent/refillable one). However i do not know how this applys to u when yours are upgraded and the kindlers are not, or vice versa

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When someone in the same lobby / server as you kindles the bonfire that you were last at, you get an Estus Flask. I'm still pretty early into the game, and I haven't ever kindled a bonfire (no humanity), but I've had my Estus Flask reach 16 uses before.

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