Question from zen861

Asked: 3 years ago

Where can I find Solar Bug?

Or maybe its called Sun Bug...? Any How Please answer

Need It For Chaos Servant... >.>

Additional details - 3 years ago

So Its only gonna be there sometimes? damn =/ i'm at the tower, killed both archers... and i don't see it DX
So you kill it and then pick it up, or do you just walk to it and pick it up

its a small white ball, with small white needles flying around it?

Accepted Answer

From: zen861 3 years ago

ok.... i guess in Japanese it was sun bug or solar bug, namco translated it to Sunlight maggot

You get it from that sun's dude evil spirit... in lost izalith =/ maybe donoghu got it at taurus boss cause of online recycling, when you drop something it goes to some one elses game

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Those are random rare accounter.

For exemple, on 3 games, I found one on top of the tower with the 2 archers on one side of the "Taurus boss" wall. It was hard to notice as it's a small white ball with spikes. You know they are those if you see a small volley of white needle flying from those small light balls.

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