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Is the armor of the glorious worth it?

I have a lot of souls to use and I'm debating between the armor of the glorious or two more soul levels. Is there better armor that is close by or will I get the glorious armors use?

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ham_sandwich_ answered:

The only advantage it has is that it is a 'quiet' armour set that still has high poise. So, you won't be detected by enemies as quickly, but you will also have some toughness for when you get hit by attacks that normally stun you.
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Old_one_slayer answered:

I just bought the full set and no it is not woth it
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chocobojam answered:

If you based it in its stats, then no its not worth it. not unless if youre a collector and wants to complete all the armor set in the game.
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noobsterkid answered:

It all depends on what your gonna be wearing and how high your endurance stat is. but its basically crap
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evilquesadilla answered:

I bought it because I guess I wanted to collect it. It's not very good armor, but it has some curse resistance, good for I guess the lower parts of Depth and The Great Hollows. Against those frog basilisk things, curse resistance seems to be more important than protection. Although I over did it and I had the Cursebite Ring and the armor. I think that ring by itself is probably enough, and it's free, but getting to it is a pain because you have to fight ghosts.
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