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How do I beat Gravelord Nito?

This guy is somewhat slow so it's no problem for me. The only problem is this guy have minions for like..many? Especially the big skeleton which is pretty annoying. my weapon isn't that powerful do i need to upgrade my weapons or something? I use divine axe +7...just a normal weapon.

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AIfox answered:

Pull him towards you, but dont run to far, since you would attract the giant skeletons and they can be a pain.

Other than that, kill the small ones with a holy weapon, after that if possible switch to fire.
Stay behind him, there is a chance he might spam his blast attack, but that is easy to avoid, if you stay behind him the battle will be much easier, trust me :)
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SuperSmee answered:

The easiest way i found dealing with the skeletons is to just kill them as they come near and wait for nito to get close this saves on drawing the giant skeletons too, then when the normal skeletons get back up hopefully nito's attacks will hit them, and nito always one hits the skeletons. hope this helps ^^
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swizardrules answered:

Two main tips are: Use a fire weapons after killing the small skeletons with the devine weapon (he's weak to fire). Switching between weapons is more easy if you store the rest of your weapons. Second tip is stay near the place where you drop down, as there you won't pull the 3 big skeletons.
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NickG88 answered:

First kill skellys with a divine weapon.
After that if you hear him scream wait a few seconds (or if you can see him you can tell when he's going to do it) then dodge, that's his ground spike move. Other than that he has some very telegraphed attacks, I found the thrust attack he does easy to dodge/get some hits in. As long as you have enough room to run away from his AOE black miasma attack and repeat exploiting his thrust you should kill him easily.
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CobaltMonkey answered:

Crystal Ring Shield. Forge this from any normal +10 shield and the Moonlight Butterfly's soul at the Giant Blacksmith in Anor Londo. This thing's L2 attack will eat Nito alive. Eats through the shield's durability pretty fast, but you should have more than enough to finish the job.
As for the skeletons, it's like the others said. Don't pull the big ones and kill the little ones with a divine weapon.
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haarlem1982 answered:

If you have it iron flesh woks wonders on most bosses
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fusionbolt2 answered:

You now that if you have a blessed weapon and kill the skeletons they wont come back to life.......
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Cheshirecat9 answered:

By the time I reached him, I was level 50 Intelligence. My magic destroyed him in about 4 or 5 soul spears. By the way, I use the Moonlight sword (you get it by cutting Seath's tail off), so that's why I have dumped so much into INT. The moonlight sword (I may be wrong, but I feel most advanced swords) will give the skellies true death. So two swings of this baby to clear those pesky skeletons and fire away at the impotent Nito. I feel he was one of the easier bosses of the game. I think the 2 hardest are the first Capra Demon (thanks to his dogs and tight fighting quarters) and the Bed of Chaos, which I just think is absurd... Not even the 4 Kings gave me so much work. Priscilla can get feisty too...
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Oil_Rope_Bombs answered:

Kill the skeletons with divine weapons. Wait or Nito to come to you. Pull out your strongest weapon, 2-hand it, and slash away. :)
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noobsterkid answered:

Ugh, he's asking for a good strategy and i shall give it to thee

people here are saying like kill the skellies with divine right? i never really bothered with them since nito himself kills em

the thing to do here is to
stay in front of nito (like your directly in front of him in which you both are already touching eachother)
then keep your shield up while waiting for him to do his AOE attack that sends out some black sludge
then once this is about to happen, keep your shield up and dont move away- afterwards heal up then strike like crazy while the lil skellies are still dead

repeat over and over again till nito is dead

a recommended set would be- ring of favor and protection + havel's ring + havels whole armor set, crest/grass crest shield (any works but differentiates between you wanting to kill fasster or survive longer), and last is any weapon (or magic/pyro/wotg) of your choice!

with this you can tank up on those idiotic skellies

have fun laughing at nito!
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likeaboss700 answered:

The easiest way i did it was doing alot of physical attacks to him but im not sure
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Abysalassassin answered:

I used quelaags sword. Shadow set for toxic resist. Just charge him and move to his side since he's slow. He won't do ground spear and he won't hit with his melees just watch for aoe. Other than that 2 hand quelaags sword and own him. Also used bloodshield
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