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My Firekeeper at Firelink shrine died?

Im sure this is due to not killing the guy in the tower before gargoyle boss, as i have heard (ididnt know he was there at the time) and i got a black eye orb from the killed firekeeper, it says to use it to invade her killer. From what ive read, u invade his world and "fight him and his 2 friends" sounds like trouble? do i only get one shot at this? or can i try as many as needed? thanks for the help!

DrizztD7 provided additional details:

i was told it was his armor set and a ring, but i am not certain. thanks though! i wont be afraid to try it now :P
also, any idea where it is that u can use the item? i read that its a certain place and a message pops up saying "you can use the item" or something to that extent, i just dont know where that would be.

kbays33 asked for clarification:

I did all of that but now I am back at firelink shrine and don't know how to revive her, can you give detail on what exactly to do?

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Agrieus answered:

you can use the black eye orb in the great hall in anor londo (it's the room right before the boss) in order for it to work though, you have to clear the room of enemies. Kill the silver knight archer and the two big knights and you'll be able to use it. you can use the black eye orb more than once, as I died my first go around. It would be wise to sit back and snipe them with arrows and a powerful bow instead of trying to go toe to toe with them. Once you beat him you'll get the firekeeper's soul back and you can then return to firelink and head down to where she was and return her soul. After you defeat the boss, if you go upstairs via the elevator, you'll see a dead body sitting in one of the corners. The dead body has his armor. There's your answer :). She dies kind of early, and you have to wait a while before you can fight him....but once you return the keeper's soul, you can light the fire in firelink again.
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SuperSmee answered:

you can try it as many times as you like, disappears once he's dead, not sure what you get for killing him though couldn't beat him on my first character =P
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Agrieus answered:

Go down to where her little caged area is and examine it. you'll be given the option to revive her. but if you used her firekeeper soul then your sol
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Squire_Ramza answered:

If you used the soul you got by using the Black Eye Orb to strengthen estus or to gain souls, you can't relight the fire.
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