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Anyone know of a good spear I can find or create at the blacksmith?

I want a good spear to match my drake sword stats wise. Any ideas? I kind of want a moonwinged spear like in demon souls but idk if i can create it

MassEffect21 provided additional details:

Do you know if I can create the moonwinged spear from the winged spear?

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digbert007 answered:

to your second question - There is no "moon" anything in Dark Souls, there is enchanted though which is the probably the best comparison to the moon weapons in Demon's Souls. However, the lightning spear is arguably the best spear in the game, but I would make my own from the Partisan (whjich can be found in the Darkroot Garden), winged spear, or Pike for the extra reach.
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Graq answered:

There is a winged spear in the graveyard before the catacombs near Firelink where you start the game. You can get a lightning spear from a mimic in Sen's Fortress after you've rung the two bells to open it. The lightning spear is especially gear, can take you all the way to NG+.
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Priminoid answered:

Well there is the Lightning Spear found from a Mimic in Sen's Fortress. It's decent and doesn't require much to weild. Actually ... it's the best spear i've found.
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