Question from Fabled_Paladin

Where can I find (egg vermifuge?

I know where to get it from the egg sack guy or the two-headed snakes right? but i have been trying to find it for an hour. Is there an easyer way to get it?

Accepted Answer

ShadowBeserker answered:

Try killing all the egg sack guys near the bonfire with serpent ring on, that is where i found one, without the ring too
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aeoun answered:

I'm not 100 percent sure but I think you can get it from a dead body in the valley of drakes at the mouth of the undead dragon or my mind is playing tricks on me
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Priminoid answered:

I think it only drops from the 2 headed snakes, i havn't found any other source yet.
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dankathor answered:

I managed to find 2 accidentally killing the talkative egg-sac man who's in front of the White Spider Witch (How was I supposed to know he wasn't hostile?)
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