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Upgrading a weapon using a demons soul?

I want to use quelaags soul to make her weapon. I've upgraded my shotel to +10 but no option occurs to make her fury sword, or whatever.

First question, do I need a specific flame or specific blacksmith to upgrade to that weapon? If so which ones?

Second question, I'm not 100% sure my shotel will upgrade to the weapon. I assumed any curved sword will work. Does it require a specific weapon upgraded to 10+ or will any curved sword work?

Any help is much appreciated.

kinoholic provided additional details:

Additional info: I'm currently using the blacksmith near the undead church.

Accepted Answer

firebolt223 answered:

I believe that you need to use the Giant blacksmith in Anor Lando
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Yeaitswill answered:

the shotel, server, painting guardian sword, scimitar, marakumo, or falchion are all compatible weaps to be ascended to the furysword. So, seeing as you have the shotel at +10, i would recommend trying a different blacksmith
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