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How many stat points to you get per level?

I know there was the thread before but it makes no sense, if the level cap in the game is 145, how could they have achieved 99 on all stats by level 145, so id like to ask again, how many points can you distribute per level, are you sure of your answer, i dont want a demon souls answer, i want a dark souls concrete answer, thx


HardCase25 answered:

just one. And the max level is much higher then 145
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ruiner1349 answered:

Only one per level, plain and simple
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darthchewy86 answered:

If I remember correctly the max level is 712, the reason people say 145 is cause (even though you don't want to hear it) it's from Demon Soul's. That was usually around the ideal invading level for people. 120-140 give or take to have a solid build for a specific build type, weither it be a pure mage, solid tank, or healing faith. It's not really per se stat points per level it's how many souls you need to level a specific stat. When you start at lower levels it's round 600-700 souls to level for the pyro, but once you get to around level 35 it's around 7000-8000. This all comes back to Demon Soul's though since it is the predesecor to Dark Soul's.
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