Question from kennysea

Why can't I level up?

Ive got around 1000 souls and its not letting me level up ... It says required souls 0 for any upgrade as well which I dont understand ... Is this a glitch or maybe do I just have to acquire more souls?


sully73 answered:

You will have to aquire more souls...what happens is when you have enough souls and actually raise one of your stats the number next to required souls will show how many it took to level up.
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ruiner1349 answered:

Yup, the each time you raise your level the amount of souls required to level up increases
Sadly FROM decided to not show you how many souls you need to gain a level UNTIL you've already got that amount or more

(Example: Need 1300 souls to level up, if you have 1200 it'll show 0, but if you have 1400 souls it'll say souls required 1300)
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Cheshirecat9 answered:

The latest patch fixed this.
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