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Asked: 3 years ago

They killed her!?! Now i have an item???

So the girl who upgrades your flask is dead and i picked up some items where she was. Her outfit and a Black Eye orb. The black eye orb say
Mystical orb found on a Keeper's corpse

Invade the world of the murderer of a Fire Keeper, to defeat the perpetrator and reclaim the soul of the Fire Keeper.

The Black Eye keeps constant watch on the city of the Gods, Anor Londo.

Just wondering what this thing is all about.

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From: Spectre1000 3 years ago

Go to Anor Londo and right before the boss clear the room, then use the Black Orb you got from her corpse, you will invade and kill her killer, and then you'll get her killer's armor, and her soul back which you can take back to her corpse and resurrect her to regain use of the fire and her estus buffing skills.

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you can use the orb to invade the fire keepers murderer when your in anor lando just before you fight the ornstein and smough. If you kill him you can get his armor and a fire keeper soul

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After you kill Ornstein and Smough as well as the killer, go up the stairs to the higher level and run along the railing to find a felled corpse, that's where the killer's armor will be.

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