Question from KleZ12

Its my character build ok, or should l get another one?

Level: 40
Vitality: 15
Attunement: 10
Endurence: 21
Strength: 24
Dex: 18
Resistance: 10
Intelligence: 9
Faith: 14

I already have the Drake sword and the sets from the Hunter forest covenant. Should l stick to Str for the sword of the Capra demon? or should focus on END? plz help..

PD: lm in the first part of the Depths, heading for the second bell, but l need more miracles so.. for aditional slots, should l stick to Faith too ?

KleZ12 provided additional details:

Ok, so ill get more points for END and VIT (Also for Attunement). anyway, the 14 points of Faith are ok? I think l shouldnt get more.. l was thinking in maybe 10 of INT but idk...


darkith answered:

The sword the Capra Demon drops is the Demon Great Machete? It requires 40 STR and won't do more damage than the Drake Sword until you upgrade it.

First, you don't get more slots from Faith. You need to raise Attunement for that. You'll get your second slot at 12, third slot at 14, and fourth slot at 16. Then it starts spreading out between slots more. The minimum Faith needed to cast Heal and Force is 12. If you have other miracles you want to cast I would only raise it to the minimum required.

I would put more points into VIT and END before putting a bunch into STR. Unless you have another weapon with STR scaling that does more damage than the Drake Sword those points in STR are wasted until you can equip your other sword.
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darkith answered:

INT is only for sorceries. I wouldn't put any points in it unless you plan on using sorcery as a primary means of damage. You can use pyromancy without having to put any points into INT so I would just do that. 14 faith is fine, like I said I wouldn't add any more to it unless you need to in order to use a specific miracle.
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KleZ12 answered:

Ok, so maybe 60 of END, 60 vit, 16 of attunement (for 4 miracles and piromancy) , and 40 of STR? Thanks man, I was really confused with the subject.
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darkith answered:

Stamina caps at 40 END so unless you need more equip burden you don't need more than that. VIT has diminishing returns after 40 or so, but you shouldn't need to go that high on your first play through. You'll probably be good in the low to mid 20's. After the first play though or if you pvp you'll probably want to start raising it again.
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KleZ12 answered:

Ok, thanks, lm lvl 56 now. But l have other questions.. you know where can l find a good armor set? and the other thing.. you know what kind of weapon drops Sif, the great wolf? If I dont kill him ill break the covenant but ill get a sword.. does it worth it?
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