Question from ddhcts

Asked: 3 years ago

Is there a key to the elevators in Sen's Tower?

Towards the top there are 2 cages one of them says locked. Im assuming its like demon souls in latria.

Accepted Answer

From: Laseric 3 years ago

Yes, if you are talking about the wall that is destroyed by the rolling boulder, it is across a gap that is on the rooftops. you will see a giant with a bunch of boulders to your right and there is a gap that can be jumped. the key to those cages are down the tower you enter that has a person in it.

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Yes, to get the cage key you have to make the running jump over the broken part of the walk way. There will be a room with a merchant and another exit, follow the path and get the key. Once you unlock the cage it opens the shortcut from the beginning of Sen's Fortress.

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