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How do I join (the warior of sunlight covenant)?

How do I join the Warior of Sunlight covenant????

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I go there but I can't pray in the broken altar. Do I need to have the 50 faith so the altar gave me the option to enter???

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And where is a good place to leave a summoning for me to help others????

Accepted Answer

darkith answered:

You can join the Warrior of Sunlight covenant at the Altar of Sunlight. It is located near the bonfire at the end of the bridge where Hellkite, the red drake, is perched. If you are at that bonfire facing the bridge it is through the opening to the left.

Warrior of Sunlight requires a 50 faith to join, but you can lower the requirement by helping people defeat bosses in co-op. Every time you successfully help someone defeat a boss it lowers the requirement by 5. So if you help 4 people you only need 30 faith, if you help 8 people you only need 10 faith.
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darkith answered:

Yeah, you can't join until you meet the requirements.

Placing your sign down by a bonfire before a boss is a good idea because people have to use the bonfire you become human and once they do they can see peoples signs. Another good place to put your sign is right before a boss fog.
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