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How do I beat Demon under the floor in Asylum?

I need some strategies here. Nothing seems to work. Any weaknesses I can exploit?

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blackmailer26 answered:

Hold your most powerful weapon double-handed. There's no point in using any shield. His main attack is a fire explosion that deals high damage in front and a small part around him. Stay behind him all the time. Hack him twice, then get away from him a bit so you won't get hit by the explosion. then return. If he flies, roll down to get away from him then run once again to his back when he lands. It's tedious but necessary.
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DigiExpert21 answered:

Alright well, he's basically the same damn demon you fight in the tutorial. The only abilities that he has is a slash in the air which releases a red force wave. Attack him from behind and becareful of that move and a his ground pound. You'll be fine. Try not to hesitate, and focus. You'll be good. Keep your shield as well.
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AIfox answered:

Keep moving right, shield up, if he raises his hammer for the shochwave-like attack backup a bit, you should be able to land a few hits on him by then, rinse and repeat.

Just remember keep your shield up and keep moving right. :)
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RzW answered:

I used the crest shield which is found on the knight in the area where you get the estus flasks in the tutorial. It has 80 magic reduction, so it helps alot on the stray demon when he does get a magic hit in. I pretty much did what the other comments said other than using that specific shield. When you get up close, he tries to use a force wave attack or ground pound. When he does, evade or block, and then try and get behind him as when I did, he would get stuck doing force waves and it was easy to back away from the blast radius, and then move forward and slash his tail with my Iaito Katana. Don't get too far from him though as he'll just spam his magic and make it difficult to get near without dying. Also, at the start of the battle, I fled behind a group of pillars to heal as I only have 15 vitality and the fall would take my health down by 50%.
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genmakenx answered:

I reccomend not targeting him as it will make it easier for you to run around his back this way.
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