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What can i do if??

In Anor Lando...after i receive the lordvessail...i fired a magic on the girl and she disapear...everything is dark more ennemi...the fire gardian attacked me and i killed her=no more bonfire at the start of the city...and!!! when i go to kill the killer in gold armor...i die at the same this fire gardien wont come back...cant open door to duck archives...should i restard now or what?? thk im to0 high lvl to stop now :( make me sad to lose 57H


bioskarrd answered:

Well you pissed off one of the covenant leaders by killing the girl with big boobies. No way to go but forward now. To fight the boss, take the elevator platform thing all the way down.

Shouldn't attack random people bro, its not nice.
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GameOverlord345 answered:

Ok first of all, please stop misspelling everything, I can barely read that. I mean, DUCK archives!?

You have to give the Lordvessel to Frampt
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