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New Game Plus?

I was wondering if you had to do a new game plus to get the repeating trophies, such as collecting sifs souls, or if you can create a completely new game and still have it count for it. I am lvl 400+ and trying to get the darkmoon blade miracle, but I can't judge the guilty to get reprisal I don't think anyone is my level. Is there another way to get it, or can I start a new character and make sure not to level it too much?

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darkith answered:

You have to get all the items for an achievement on a single character. So for the weapon achievement you have to play through at least three times with on character in order to get both swords and the shield from Sif's soul.

The only way to get the Darkmoon's Light Sword miracle is to turn in 10 Souvenir's of Reprisal and get rank 1 in the covenant.

If you start a new character you will still have to gather every item for whatever achievement you are going for on that single character.

Glitching ruins the game, you should not do it.
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