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How does one get the Pharis bow?

I cant really find out the exact spot where Pharis is, how close I can get before she gets aggro'd and glitches(?) by jumping to her death, so before I run in blindly, I'd really prefer someone tell me EXACTLY how to get this bow. I'd also prefer if you're going to tell me how to get it, explain step by step in proper sentences. Then later you could add it to the wikidot page for others to find out, if not i'll submit it for you with your name attached. I'd really want to do this without a doubt in my mind so I dont have to retry at NG+ or maybe you could make a Vid and slap it on youtube or something.

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This is how I got the Pharis Bow. As soon as you enter the ranger forest, via the locked door next to the bonfire, kill the four rangers like you normally would just to clear them out of the way (the same rangers that you use to farm souls, that jump off of the cliff). After you've cleared them, if you are facing the direction of the house with the cat Covenant leader which is just slightly NORTH (assuming this is north) passed the entrance with the bonfire, the Pharis ranger is to your right just a little ways. He/she will also be accompanied by an invisible knight too. So you will have to fight them both. The way that I personally approached the ranger to avoid him/her jumping off of the cliff was, from the entrance with the bonfire, I followed the wall on the right, along the cliff, killing a few of the tree dudes on my way. As soon as I got to the stump area that has a path leading down to the hydra, I went into the forest a little and the ranger was right there shooting arrows at me. I hope this makes sense. It's hard to explain.

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When you use the crest of Atorius go towards the cat covenent leader. You will be attacked but kill them. Then take a left and Pharis will be there. kill the enemy along with the warrior and you will get the hat and bow.

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I never had a problem with her jumping off any cliff. I always buy the artorius crest to open the door rather than go the hydra way, then I just kill the forest hunters one by one. Once all the melee and magic hunters are dead, I find that if you circle around from the left, running along the cliff edge, then there's little chance of her dropping off the cliff. She tends to run away a a bit and try to shoot you but once you catch up with her she'll fight to death with sword and shield.

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I bought the Crest of Artorias, went into the area, went romping around in the forest and killed all the forest guardians and the ents that are there too. I moved on, continued playing my game and after a while I went back, did the same thing and suddenly I got attacked by some archer. I walked up to them, slapped them in the face with my claymore and your pharis bow popped onto the ground. Never heard of this cliff jumping glitch.

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You can join the clan so that no one is hostile and lure one of the trees to the girl and the trees will kill her you wont be a traitor to the covenant this way

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