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How can i get more titanite chunks?

I'm trying to get my lightning spear from +3 to +5 and i think it will take 6 more chunks. Is there any place to easily farm titanite chunks? Or better yet is there any merchant that sells them?

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1. I put it up earlier but no1 was answering, was just seeing if new question with more specific subject would help. 2. I killed sentinels yesterday for an entire hour, WITH covetous gold ring, and didnt get a SINGLE chunk.

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Ok thx, but where is the kiln of the first flame?

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darkith answered:

I have found the magic spot. Inside the Kiln of the First Flame there are five Black Knights. Unlike the rest of the Black Knights found in the game these five respawn.

The first and third wield the sword and drop titanite chunks, the second wields a greatsword and drops a red titanite chunck, the fourth wields an axe and drops a white titianite chunk, and the fifth and final one wields a halberd and drops a blue titanite chunk. They all have a chance to drop their weapon and shield, but the chunks they drop are 100% every kill.

This is at the end of the game though. Earlier in the game you still have to deal with the Royal Sentinel and Darkwraith rare drop rate.
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darkith answered:

You already asked this and got an answer...

There is no place to buy them. They are rare drops for Royal Sentinels in Anor Londo (The ones inside that cast Wrath of the Gods). They are rare drops from the Darkwraith in New Londo Ruins.

Put on the Covetous Gold Serpent Ring to increase your item discovery stat by 200. Also the more humanity you have the higher your item discovery will be.

You can get one from the crow by putting rubbish in the nest. Crystal Lizards can drop them too but you can't farm them because they don't respawn.
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Chernobyl_Dee answered:

The golem giant guys who are seen throwing bombs in Sen's Fortress are guaranteed to drop them. One can be accessed from the lowest level, the other is on the rooftops.

If you enter Sen's Fortress via the Undead Parish, you'll have to kill two man serpents and pass by one platform-arrow trap. When you reach the platform inside, before braving the swinging blade pendulums, walk to the leftmost corner. Drop down, granted you have enough life for it. There are enemies down there so be careful. You should see a ladder at that corner. Climb it, grab an item off a corpse, then hit the wall by the corpse. It should disappear and reveal another ladder that leads to a giant. Hack at his legs, and you should get a chunk out of it.

At the roof of Sen's Fortress there's another giant that throws bombs at you. Do a running jump over to his platform and destroy him.
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AlabasterFilth answered:

A great place to farm titanite chunks is in the lower area of New Londo Ruins. The Darkwraiths there are very easy to backstab, and with a reasonably strong weapon you can one-shot them with a single backstab (I use a Lightning Spear +5).

Start at the bonfire at the bottom of the Darkroot Basin, just outside the Valley of Drakes. You can run past the drakes to quickly reach the New Londo Ruins. Kill all the Darkwraiths (there's about 9 or 10), then Homeward Bone back. Even with just a Covetous Gold Serpent Ring, I usually average one chunk per run.
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Oil_Rope_Bombs answered:

You can't buy them. You can get chunks from killing the Sentinels/Giant Knights in Anor Londo, but it's a rare drop. You can get them from killing the giants in Sen's Fortress. You can kill the Darkwraith enemy in the lower part of New Londo ruins to get them. They're VERY easy to get once you reach Kiln of the first flame. (Last area of the game)
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spencer00018 answered:

ok i go to the dark souls wiki you should to it shows a bunch of stuff it helps alot it will show you all the look on the side and look for Items it will show you all the embers and ore and souls and boss souls i would just farm them from the dark wraiths if i were you their in the new londo ruins the place down from fire link shrine
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nedrith answered:

The kiln of the first flame is at the very end of the game after you have all four lord souls it's right behind the lord vessel. best place to farm all of the non-buyable titanite chunks.
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forcesofodin answered:

10 active humanity points (the number in the top left corner should be 10) gives you 210 item drop rate
A golden covetous ring , or the helm of avarice will boost that up to 410

410 is the MAX item drop rate.

Now go to new londo ruins from the bonfire and after the first two ghosts jump down to the right and work your way in a circle around lower new londo ruins, killing all 11 darkwraiths.

You will get 2-5 (sometimes more or less) chunks per run. You also have about a 1/1000 chance to get a Titanite Slab (yes it's true, I've gotten 4 in my 1000s of kills).

No other farming path is as good, the end :)
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Ravenblitzfang answered:

Umm well killing black knight give a good chance of a titanite chunk, but as for titanite, you can always find the black smith down in basement levels of the undead parish, just before you reach the forest where the Hydra Resides, you can buy those shards off of the black smith is you need it. ^^
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AnimeKid1089 answered:

Go to

There you go. Credit to the Wiki for this info.
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bcgamer74 answered:

all u need to do is drain the ruins of new londo, to do this you must kill the ghosts, this is time consuming and agitating, talk to the guy wearing crimson robes, he will give you a key, use the key to unlock the door to a lever, the lever opens the gates and drains the water, in this new area there are the Darkwraiths of Kaathe, they drop titanite chunks
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Pinkyleegreen12 answered:

The first jellies that you see in the depths also drop titanite chunks. You can farm them easily because there is a bonfire just after them.
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