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Where can I find Quelaana of Izalith, the second Pyromancer npc?

Where can I find the second Pyromancer npc, Quelaana of Izalith? She's supposed to be near a pillar, across from Quelaag's Domain (across from the rock throwers) but I do not see her.

mcmiles0110 provided additional details:

I figured I'd post this question in the event other pyromancers are having the same difficulty spotting this npc as I did.

In order to find Quelaana, you need your pyromancy flame to be +10 or above for her to appear. The easiest way to get that up is collect some souls and talk to the Chaos servant in the secret room you find after defeating the spider lady. He'll upgrade your power up to +15.

ALSO, if you talk to her after upgrading your pyromancy flame to +15, she'll upgrade your old pyromancy flame to the "Quelaana Pyromancer Flame."

As for the first Pryromancer npc, Laurentius, who you free from a barrel in the depth and meet back up with at Fireshrine; he will eventually go on a quest to find Quelaana in the swamp. Unfortunately, he winds up dying in the swamp and becomes hollow. If you're in human form, he'll invade your game and fight you. I haven't met up with him so I'm not sure what he drops.

tgreenmagician asked for clarification:

Wait a when Laurentius disappears after I answer yes to his question about the chaos flame, there's a pyromancer who comes and fights me, and I'm NOT in human form. Is that Laurentius or Quelaana?


Priminoid answered:

Good post, this should help out a lot of people, every1 seemed to have problems locating Quelaana of Izalith. No guides mention that you need your pryo flame to be 10+ ... they just tell you her location and every1 goes looking for her when she's not there.
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mattr901 answered:

She ascends your flame and allows it to be upgraded to +5 and mind you it's very expensive to do so.
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millionsunback answered:

Good Post ..... Ic Laurentius Died .. I looking for him after he dissapeard from firelink shrine LoL
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millionsunback answered:

Btw i already +15 , still she's not appear ???
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Cheshirecat9 answered:

Quelaana appeared for me by the pillar in Blighttown Swamps, near the entrance to Quelaag's domain when my flame was +3 or so. I just finished upgrading it to +9 recently. I'm SL125 and pyromancy has taken a back seat to other characteristics. I have never had a problem with Quelaana, save for her request to kill the Bed of Chaos, but that is another story.

It's possible you did something to stop her from appearing, but then again, they have been patching this game quite often... Who knows? You are missing out on a few special things, such as her fire shop and her quest to kill her family. You may need to wait until NG+
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Ravenblitzfang answered:

Well she appeared for me, well after I killed her sister and had my pyromancy flame of 8+ and it equiped, I numbed into her after running away from the bloated boulder throwers.
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