Question from ethereal_ethrin

How many red titanite chunks needed for +5 to +9?

not sure how many I should farm


Priminoid answered:

I think it goes ...

1 for +1
1 for +2
2 for +3
2 for +4
4 for +5

but unfortunatly i'd doing the same right now (farming chunks) and +4 is all i got so i'd make a guess and say go for 50 to be safe.
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sols_light answered:

I think it's 8.

1 for +6
2 for +7
2 for +8
3 for +9

Slab to get to +10.

Can be farmed from Greatsword Black Knight in the Kiln once you have fully charged the Lordvessel.
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Felgareon answered:

Chaos eater in Lost izalith, drops Red chunks, and very rare drop Red slabs,
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