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Deadended at Blightown?

I got to the first bonfire as far as I can tell theres 2 paths one dead ended at the eagle shield and now im dead-ended at the other one what do I do?

Clamspswerecar provided additional details:

to make that more clear I just got past the shifting bridge deal now im at a dead end there.

Accepted Answer

Zakeyra answered:

I know that this isin't very specific, but if you are at the bonfire and the bridge, or w/e you would like to call it, look toward the aea you first came from. Now if you were to go right it should be the dead end with like 2 enemies. If you go left(from the bonfire) and just keep going you will eventually find ladders, or drop offs, to lower levels of the scaffolding. At any rate, you will eventually end up going to the nasty swamps below, So no it is not a dead end. And yes that shifting bridge does just go to a dead end.
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