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How exactly does ascension work?

I have the soul of the moonlight butterfly and a Spear +10 which are the requirements for creating the special weapon called Moonlight Butterfly Horn. However none of the blacksmiths I have access to seem to want to do the work via the Modify Equipment command (like they do all other advancements) and I am too worried about losing the soul of the Moonlight Butterfly to risk using it myself in some weird fashion. I considered holding the Spear +10 in my right hand and USING the soul hoping it MIGHT work but again, I don't want to risk it because if you use it in any other circumstance it just gives you a bunch of


DuskDweller1978 answered:

Don't do that, you're just going to get the souls out of it.
Maybe to craft that weapon you need to speak to the Blacksmith in Anor Londo.
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Squire_Ramza answered:

Only the Giant Blacksmith in Anor Londo can perform Ascension. Take any +10 weapon to him with the respective soul and pay usually 5k souls to create the weapon.
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The_Undest answered:

As Squire said, you have to go to the giant blacksmith in Anor Londo. He's before the boss fight with Dragonslayer Ornstein and Smough.

Take any +10 (proper) weapon and the proper soul to him and he'll craft you a boss soul weapon. By proper weapon I mean a weapon that relates to what he is willing to craft. For example, you said you wanted to use the Moonlight butterfly soul to make a spear so you have to have an upgraded +10 spear. You couldn't use an upgraded +10 axe and get a spear out of it. Make sure you choose wisely though because I believe most boss souls can be crafted into 2 different items. The Moonlight butterfly soul can be turned into a pretty badass shield when combined with a +10 small shield. It's L2/Left Trigger move is a strong projectile that doubles the damage of your right hand weapon.

Also to get a weapon/shield to +10 you are going to have to use the Blacksmith in the Undead Burg, right before the Darkroot Garden area. You can upgrade stuff to +5 using the Blacksmith box but have to go to him to go past that. Then you can go to the other guy in Anor Londo and upgrade again. A pain I know, but after the boss fight with Ornstein and Smough you get an item that will be able to transfer you to certain bonfire locations.
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