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Where is the Covetous Gold Serpent Ring?

Do anyone know where the Covetous Gold Serpent Ring is at?



Priminoid answered:

Here ...

Says it all.
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Izzydude answered:

In Sen's Fortress. You need to make your way through the fortress till you get to the SECOND area where boulders roll down. Wait at the door for a boulder to roll down (be sure to not run into it when it is stationary at the corner) then dash up the ramp. On your left you will be able to jump off but wait until the last moment you can jump off, right before the wall resumes and you cannot. You will fall on a platform above a staircase, there is a lizard mage on here so do a falling attack. There will be two doors, take the one that leads back in the direction you fell from. Past the flight of stairs there is a narrow bridge. Go left and you will get to the boulder directing machine. Redirect the boulders to somewhere else (It resets at bonfire), and run down the ramp as if you were to go back to the platform that had the lizard mage. Continuing down here will lead you to a hole full of boulders, run across the boulder hole and the ring is on a body to your right.
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noobsterkid answered:

Like what above told me but a lil different

once your at the "lizard mage part" or female lizard as i like to call em
wait till the boulder passes below you and then quickly follow it, once it falls into a hole you will see a safe zone to your left, the problem what above told you is that theres a chance that the boulder still hastn filled up and destroyed the wall towards the ring you want so heres what you do

wait till the hole fills up and then wait for the enxt boulder to come to crash the wall and viola! the ring is inside this room
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Cezovic answered:

This is at the point where the boulders roll down the double stairs and it is straight ahead. Other rings you should try and get are the slumbering dragon crest ring and the covetous silver serpent ring.
The dragon crest ring is in sens fortress, after you pass the bridge with the quadruple set of swinging axes. Turn right kill the serpent soldier and then drop down the shaft and follow the path around and it should lead you to the SDC ring. The covetous silver serpent ring is in tomb of the giants and is very hard to collect. It is at the point afetr you have talked to Patches and you have killed the first skeleton beast. Use your dragon slayer bow (if you have it) to take out the skeleton archer before you go through the white light (aim slightly up and to the left of the soul), once dead kill the second skeleton beast and collect the soul at this point use prism stones to judge where you have to drop then once you have landed on the platform kill the five bone towers and there is the Covetous silver serpent ring.
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