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Asked: 3 years ago

What does paying souls for Absolution do?

The guy in Black Armor at the top Bell Tower offers me Absolution. What does that do?

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From: roxas63 3 years ago

Absolution will remove your name from the Book of the Guilty (if you got it there) and will make any NPCs you attacked [Not Killed] stop being hostile towards you. The ony drawback is that it is ludicrously expensive.

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I'm pretty sure it absolves your accumulated sins for attacking NPC's, invading and the like.

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It removes your sin, you get sin by invading someone elses world and killing them as a red phantom and through other more difficult methods. It costs more souls depending on your level of sin, generally its not worth it since a lot of players like to accumulate sin as a "sin leader board" sort of thing...

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Absolution removes your name from the Book of the Guilty, and resets any misdeeds that might forbid you from joining a covenant. ( EX: say you kill some of the warriors in the forest of the Darkroot Gardin, which restricts you from joining the Forest Covenant, you pay for absolution ( 500 souls x your level, as of the new patch ), you are once again allowed to join the Forest Covenent)

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