Question from Fullthrtl86

can I join more than one covenant?

I heard someone say somewhere on here that you can join all the covenants in one playthrough is this really possible? or does anyone know where I can find a rundown on which ones are worth joining, staying away from, benefits, ect.

Fullthrtl86 provided additional details:

so somehow I had the way of the white covenant but now I just met the cat and am in the forest hunters. It says in parenthesis that you will leave previous covenant. So what I'm getting at is can you be friendly with all of them or am I going to get attacked by that guy in the firelink shrine.


SymphonicRain answered:

The wiki has a list of the covenant's benefits. You can join them all, yes. Leaving all except Way of the Wuss will be considered a sin, and you'll have to pay 2000 x SL in souls to absolve you from the guy in the first bell tower.
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Cheshirecat9 answered:

I think SymphonicRain is wrong. You can join and leave covenants as much as you like without committing a sin (the sins are not completely explained, but they have to do with killing other players for no reason other than to take their humanity and souls, but I digress), however, you reset the ranks you gained from the previous covenant, and of course are no longer able to enjoy thebenefits of said covenant. My recommendation is to join all of them in your first run to see what you enjoy the most. When you get to NG+ stick to the one that suits your fancy. I like the darkmoon blade, but I feel it's time to take on a more sinister approach to the game.
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neohampster answered:

If you don't do online play and arent a pyromancer then just stick with the forest hunters. It provides the best effect (dont get attacked by jerks in the forest) and like I said, unless you want some pyromancy (read: great chaos fireball) it's not really worth going into covenants for an offline style player. Not getting attacked the first time you enter the forest is one of the better benefits, especially if you play on NG+ a few times.
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