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Is it worth waiting to create unique weapons?

Or should I just use it to obtain more souls Also how many do you recieve from each boss soul, I would like to know without having to use them, specifically Quelaag's soul. Currently using Black Knight sword lvl 2 as my main weapon.

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thanks, but after sens fortress..I'm throwing in the towel, cheap m*********!!!!!

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also going for a knight/Tank class w/high strength and healthbar already 3 quarters across the entire screen

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What possible weapons could/can be made with them? is it like 100+ damage? or just 10...


UnliklyStranger answered:

Depends. If you have a good idea of the type of character you are ultimately going to build, than pick and appropriate weapon and creation away. Here is soul values when consumed. Moonlight butterfly: 1200 or 8000 if feed to Frampt. Quelaag:8000. Iron golem: 12000. Ornstein: 12000. Smough: 12000. Sif: 16000. Gwyndolin: 40000. Priscilla: 12000. Gwyn:2000. Hope this helped.
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GameOverlord345 answered:

Some souls when fed to frampt give you more then when you use them. Gwyn when you feed to frampt gives 40000 or something. Using Quelaags soul will give you Quelaags Furysword which is a dexterity sword that scales with Dex and Humanity.
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dargonite answered:

The best unique weapon is the true greatsword of astorias by using the soul of sif you need to upgrade a broken sword or straight sword hilt it gets upgraded to +5 with 10 demon titanite theres a respawning demon in the demon ruins lost izalialth short cut that drops 2 demon titanites each time i use 6 soul spears on him and the sword has really good power and magic and good bonus once you level up high enough my sword does 992 backstab damage to the blacknights in the last level killing them instantly
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