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Purging Stones I can,t buy no more?

I Can not buy no more


ShadowBeserker answered:

You can buy the stones from the undead vendor in the sewer between undead burg and firelink shrine, she sells them for 6-8k i think or you can buy them from the guy you get absolution from who is in the same tower you rung the first bell for 3k if i remember right. Also I havent confirmed it but i believe each vendor only sells a certain number of each item, not sure if its true but i have ran out of being able to buy transient curses.
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QCTeamkill answered:

The clams in crystal cave have purging stones as a relatively common drop.

Snuggly the crow will trade a cracked red eye orb (not 100% sure) with you for 2 purging stones.
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sols_light answered:

I can confirm Snuggly will trade the Red Eye Orb for two Purging Stones and that Clams in both Ash Lake and the Crystal Cave will drop them.

Oswald (tower after Gargoyles) sells them for 3000 souls, the Undead Merchant in the Aqueduct past the locked door on the way to the Depths Shortcut sells them for 6000 souls.
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dargonite answered:

The clams in ash lake and the clams in the crystal cave drop them the crystal cave is a good way to farm them since theres a bonfire 10 feet away and theres 6 of them its just getting there is a drag use crystal homing soulmass to take them down easy
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