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How to get out of the depths?

I just beat the gaping dragon and Ive been trying for about 2 hours to find a way out of the depths!!! Ive gone everywhere ... back the way I came away from where you vs the dragon doesnt go anywhere because I fell through a couple holes to get down here ... then theres the stairs and ladder that lead to a different path and fire but when I go that path it leads me to a waterfall!!! How do I get out of this hole? I read the other guys question on here about the same thing but that doesnt help me because if go the latter path i run into a waterfall ... If I go back the way I came theres no way to proceed after a while

kennysea provided additional details:

Well I went to the bonfire and on that level its just a dead end ... I also went down the path after you climb the ladder and go left but that didnt get me anywhere either! It just led to a waterfall ... Is the way back somewhere on this level with the waterfall? I mighta missed it because where I play its a little glary so its a little hard to see clearly in the depths

kennysea provided additional details:

I actually found my way out just now ... The room i was playing in it was hard to see so as soon as I went to my regular room and played I saw an opening bright as day near where the green blob attempts to ambush you in the water where there is a item on a dead guy ...

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DrMera answered:

When you get out of the Gaping dragon room (over stairs), you will find yourself in a hall; to your right you will find a broken fence and a merchant + the entrance to blighttown.

When you turn left, walk a little and go left again, you will find a stairs leading up, back to the fire inside the depths. Now you just have to follow the route back
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