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What happens when weapons break?

I've seen the "low weapon health" alert on my starting scimitar and promptly repaired it using repair powder, but I'm wondering what happens when a weapon's durability drops to zero. Is the weapon destroyed? Or is the weapon rendered unusable until later repaired?

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I'm assuming, from the Gameplay section of the Dark Souls Wiki FAQ, that weapons aren't destroyed when broken. The answer isn't totally clear, though, so additional help is really appreciated.

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SymphonicRain answered:

You can repair them at the blacksmith, or your bonfires if you bought the repair box. Naturally, the worse for wear your weapon/armor is, the more it's going to cost to repair it. All broken weapons can be repaired, except Crystal weapons.

Being broken just makes them do piss poor damage to the point that they're not worth using, but they're not like.. removed from your inventory. It's still usable, but you won't want to.
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