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How do you turn a normal weapon into a elemental weapon?

is it only a certain blacksmith that can do this or do I need to find a certain ember? and what level does the weapon have to be to roll over to elemental. I heard the zweihander sword with lightning is pretty good.

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Ok.......... so what blacksmith or what ember and where do I find them (spoilers)!

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Normally you would need to upgrade a weapon to +5 and modify it to elemental weapon. But u need to give them embers(which u will find later). There are 4 blacksmiths with their own unique skills.

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Elemental weapon (lightning) is made from a +10 weapon by the blacksmith in Anor Londo no ember required

Elemental weapon (fire) is made by the blacksmith in tomb of the giants, I don't have more specifics on those.

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All blacksmiths can do this. If you find an ember and give them to their respective blacksmiths, you will get more elemental options to choose from.

Blacksmith Andrei upgrades +5 weapons into Divine weapons if you find the Divine ember, and then upgrades your Divine weapons to +10 if you find the Large Divine ember. If you find the Dark ember from the Painted World of Ariamis, he can ugrade +5 divine weapons into Occult weapons. He can also upgrade normal weapons to +10 if you find the Large ember in the depths, and then he can upgrade them into +15 if you find the Very Large Ember in New Londo Ruins. He is found below a staircase of a bonfire that leads to Sen's Fortress. You can tell if it's him if you hear a loud clinking sound.

The Giant Blacksmith upgrades 10+ weapons into Lightning weapons. If you get the crystal ember from Duke's Archives, he can upgrade normal weapons into crystal weapons. I highly recommend you don't choose that upgrade path though, because it lowers your weapon's durability to a very low amount and can't be repaired.

Blacksmith Vamos upgrades +5 weapons into Fire weapons which can be upgraded to +10 if you get the Large Flame Ember from Demon's Ruins. He can be found in the bottom of the catacombs, if you go down a staircase until you reach a broken dead end. You can then jump to a ledge, and then the other, and then reach the bottom. He will be at the end of the corridor.

Blacksmith Rickerts upgrades +5 (or +10? Don't remember, as I never actually used this blacksmith) weapons in to magic weapons, and then can upgrade weapons in to enchanted weapons if you get the Enchanted ember from Darkroot Garden. (Found in a chest guarded by two giant mushrooms) You can find him at the bottom of a staircase when you enter New Londo ruins via Firelink shrine elevator. He's in a cage.

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