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How do I beat the giant sewer rat?

Ok, I know this is a pretty straightforward miniboss, but for some reason the giant sewer rat is kickin my butt. Even with a good shield up he manages to really rack up some damage. I have only tried him like four or five times but I was wondering if anyone has a good strategy? I'm using a knight with faith and a little int. Thoughts?

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ravus23 answered:

kill the first butcher in the beginning of the depths go behind the table break the boxes then drop down, you'll be able to do a left stick R2 jump off the ledge and impale it if snot kill it. that'll help at least.
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aeoun answered:

Magic or Arrows from above where he cant reach you, or dive on top of him from the same area with a weapon to do massive damage. You can get above him by dropping down the hole where the butcher was.
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Chernobyl_Dee answered:

There's another way to the Giant Sewer Rat.
There is a long hallway wherein the ceilings are lined with falling slimes and a couple of fire torch bearing enemies. At the end of the hallway is a locked up bonfire and a flight of stairs.
Go down the flight of stairs and there will be crates to your left, if broken, reveal a ladder. Don't use that. Instead, go straight until you reach more sewer tunnels inhabited by rats. If you follow that large tunnel there'll be a drop-down with stairs and a door underneath you. Go through the doorway. It'll lead you through narrow corridors util you reach an opening. After you kill the caster and some enemies you'll be able to take a right through more narrow corridors (but be careful because there are holes in the ground you can fall through that lead to the Lower Depths. Roll over these holes. At a corner at the end of these narrow corridors there are stairs.
The stairs lead you to a small entrance behind the Giant Sewer Rat. Since it is too big to go through the entrance itself, you can just step back into it whenever you want between attacks.
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frozunflame answered:

Stop sucking.
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