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Where can I find Red titanite slab?

I have my fire claymore at +9 and need a slab to max it out.

ddhcts provided additional details:

Where is Siegmeyer and the 4 choas eaters?

ddhcts provided additional details:

I found it. You fall through the floor just past the boss entrance.

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StrifeYamato answered:

There are two places you can get them, from Killing the Chaos Eaters in Lost Izalith or down in the pit that Siegmeyer jumps down to divert the attention of the four Chaos eaters. After you kill them, take either the left or right path and run along the sides of the ducts, be careful not to fall in them because you'll fall to your death. there will be one narrow pathway that converges with both paths, you'll find the Red Titanite Slab on the corpse.
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