Question from Sadomator

About KNIGHT'S HONOR Trophy/Achievement?

Does this all have to be on one character?

I mean, one character must have all required rare weapons for this trophy?


Can i spread those rare weapons to different character?



mattr901 answered:

Some people have said they were able to get the trophy by having the weapons on diff chars.
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neohampster answered:

You have to get ALL the rare weapons on ONE character. The only saving grace to this is you can acquire them on multiple playthroughs of the game. It's completely impossible to do on your first playthrough anyway since you need the soul of the last boss (which you only get after beating him, when the game ends) to make the final rare weapon. You just have to keep replaying the game until you are able to acquire them all on one character. You cannot get them on different characters I checked it myself by not getting the moonlight butterfly horn on one character, getting all the others and getting the moonlight butterfly horn on my other character, it just doesn't work that way sadly but as I said you have to beat the game at least one time anyway for the final bosses soul.
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gato2087 answered:

This is like the trophy of the dex weapon in demons souls, the hardest one to get.
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haarlem1982 answered:

You don't have to have all the wapons on the same file, the same goes for miracles(I got both of them like this). I guess this also goes for pyromancies and sorceries.
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Cezovic answered:

Most of the rare weapons are easy to get as they require the demon souls to ascend weapons (this will take a few runs through the game) or there a few scattered to pick up but the hardest to get are:-
The Black Knight sword/ Black knight Greatsword/ Black Knight Great Axe, Black Knight Halberd, and Black Knight Shield. (You get as rare drops from the black knights.
Gargoyle tail Axe (from cutting of the gargoyles tail.
Channeller's Trident (rare drop from the channeller's)
Priscilla's Dagger from cutting of Priscilla's Tail
Dragon slayer spear for ascending with the soul of the soul of Ornstein (have to kill smough first)
and the hardest weapon to get
The Moonlight straight sword for cutting of the rrear tail of Seath the Scaleless
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