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Third playthrough, farming in forest?

Just wondering if anyone is on their third playthrough, and has farmed in the forest. I just got to the forest on my third time through, and unlike the 2nd playthrough (where the souls acquired jumped from 7k to 21 k) I just barely get 22k to maybe 23k per round. Anyone know why they would not increase this?


SymphonicRain answered:

The first time you do NG+, the difficulty spike is higher than any of the other following NG+ runs. My guess is the soul count is factored in with the bump in difficulty, hence the first NG+ giving the most increase in souls.
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melchaios answered:

Jump from new game to new game + --> difficulty and souls X3 (~200-300%)
Jump from new game + to new game ++ --> difficulty and souls + ~8%
Beyond new game +++++++ (7) --> difficulty and souls don't scale anymore
At least it was that way in demon's souls but it looks like this hasn't changed
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