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Where can I find amour of thor?




kingkrown24 answered:

Thor as in god of thunder? Didn't know his equipment was in the game. 0_0
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tikarri answered:

There is nothing in the game called the Armor of Thor, however there is a Viking-esque looking helm called the Royal Helm (it is not a set) . Is this what you were referring to? I don't know where to find it though.
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melchaios answered:

Lol, don't you mean the armor of "thorns". If thats the case then it's dropped by a black phantom called kirk. Check the wiki for more details
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Cezovic answered:

To get the armour of thorns yo wil need to kill the invading phantom kirk of thorns in the three locations where he appears (lower depths,just as you enter, demon ruins on the narrow path just before all the minor capra demons, and in thelost izalith before you go up against the bed of chaos). the once you have slayed him three time go back to the daughter of chaos bonfire and the corpse with the armour shoud be at the end of the dead end.
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