Question from dragnboy83

How should i upgrade it?

I have the Zweihander at +5 but i dont't know what to modify it to next. I want to get the most out of it. Also focusing on a strength build.
Thanks in advance.


silver_armanis answered:

Upgrade it to 10 and use soul of Sif on it and it becomes a special weapon.

Otherwise look into fire or electricity on it. You wont get much use out of Holy or magic weapons as your not focusing on those stats
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MonteCrispo answered:

Boss weapons suck other than the moonlight shield which goes great with a chaos zwienhandler+5 it has a base damage of 610 standard no matter what soul level because the bonus is based on humanities and it goes as high as 745 with 15 humanities I have this sword and it's lethal
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Cezovic answered:

I would upgrade it to either fire +10 or standard +15. As the +15 Zweihander is the most effective weapon against most enemies, but going through new londo the fire zweihander is the most effective against ghosts. Also the power of +15 zweihander depends on your strength.
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SODMGjoshua answered:

Get it to +15. its not as good as the demons great machete but it weighs less. and btw strength 50+ doesnt help you much so if your planning on going to high sl invest in faith or magic to buff your strenght weps, its good for pvp
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