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I think i might be

I attacked the serpent that comes out of the ground when you ring the bells and he went back down and doesnt come back up. Also i cant warp to the lordvessel place.I tried to ring the bells again but it doesn't let me oh and also i killed the priest at the bell in the church i think i might have to start all over(which sucks i wAS level 120 without glitches or forest glitch.

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Thanks for the anwsers looks like it dont have to start over after all.

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KingNoche answered:

The only way is to get to Anor Londo and talk to the red dude on top of the building and recive the Key to the abyss. U need the Lord Vesell and kill the Wolf to get the ring. Go to the guy for the Key kill the Boss(Four Kings) And it supose to apear another serpent. That can take u to the door where u put the lord vessel.
Note: Doing thise will make u have the "Bad Ending" but that's all i can thing so u don't have to start all over.
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KingNoche answered:

Sorry is not Anor Londo. Is New Londo Ruins my bad.
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imbored1190 answered:

Just jump into the hole where the serpent was in the firelink shrine, it will automatically transport you to the lordvessel place. Not sure if you needed to get to the lordvessel place beforehand, worth a try though.
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