Question from tagamaynila425

Where's Dusk now?

Found her hours after killing the Darkroot Basin Hydra. After talking, she disappeared saying she'll drop her sign somewhere. I read that it's against with the Hydra boss fight but since mine's already long dead how do i get her to appear again? Does this mean she's gone till the next playthrough?


kiite answered:

After you rescue dusk there will be a summon sign near a rock in front of where the hydra was.
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tikarri answered:

^ What kiite said. My game had an error though, I went to the area that should have had the summon sign (while alive of course) but it was absolutely nowhere. I quit and reloaded the game, and there it was.
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Cheshirecat9 answered:

I recommend killing Dusk, after you have bought all her things. Her armor is pretty fancy.
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