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Do i need to kill the gapeing demon in order to get Domhnall of Zena to move?

Do i need to kill the gaping demon in order to get Domhnall of Zena to move to firelink? currently i have been slogging my way through anor londo and am looking forward to getting smough's armor after i finish, issue i have is i DID NOT do the depths, i went through the valley of drakes to get to the second bell. so do i need to go and play another impossible area in order to get my armor? or will that merchant move without me meeting them for the first time?

Dark_souler provided additional details:

I know where he is supposed to spawn, I just don't feel like backtracking through anor londo, then sens fortress, then the undead parish to get back to firelink... I would like to know if he will be there when i get back?


Lateralusx answered:

I believe that if you get to a certain point he shows up be he isn't near the bonfire he is where you find the ring of sacrifice. Go up the cliff and behind the stairs there will be a ledge. Jump down and go straight and you will see him.
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Darkcloud20 answered:

No, I think ringing the second bell triggers it.
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Izzydude answered:

Its the Gaping Dragon, and TECHNICALLY you don't have to kill him. But in order to not kill him you need to have the masters key, defeat Havel The Rock, make your way through the Darkroot Basin, Valley of the Drakes and Blighttown, then defeat Quelaag.

Those things are hard to do. And even then that just allows you to ring the second bell which might make him move (to the spot where Lateralusx said) to the spot where the ring of Sacrifice was.
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