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Strength weapon help?

I need help. I'm looking for a fast and good strength weapon that has pretty good scaling...


kiite answered:

The black knight greataxe is pretty good for str with a B scaling and a decent 1 handed r1 swing speed.
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The_Undest answered:

I like the Quelaag Furysword that is made with Quelaags soul and a +10 curved sword. It's fast, has fire damage and lets you to that agility attack instead of a kick when pressing forward+L1.

Other than that, I really like The Greatsword of Artois made from Sif the Greatwolfs Soul and a +10 broken sword or sword hilt. It's a long sword but not a great sword like the Zweihander so it swings faster and it scales with faith, strength, dexterity, and another stat (I know it deals with magic).

Make sure it is with a broken sword and NOT a normal sword because while they have the same name, they are not the same sword. The other one has Curse but doesn't scale well and is a bit weaker.
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likeaboss700 answered:

Grave lord great sword to get it befor killing nito go to were the headless demon is in the catacomes and there should be an open cofen sleep and wait for cut scene and then join the grave lord covent and u have a gd sword right there my opinion best sword in game with dragon great sword
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TheWolven answered:

Lightning enchant Murakumo or the Uchinatana (or however you spell it) and they'll be your best friends. The Murakumo +10 with lightning does 627 damage, which can kill Black Knights in Kiln Of The First Flame in 3 hits. Uchinatana +10 lightning enchanted does 499 damage, it's fast and pretty reliable. Once you've enchanted it it doesn't seem to scale with anything but I still use both of those weapons at level 140 NG++ and they haven't let me down so, let the records speak for themselves, lol.
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minimee900 answered:

Dragon Greatsword
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LaudoSolis answered:

My favourite fast, good scaling strength weapon is the man serpent greatsword. You can farm it off the serpent dudes in sen's fortress. Also, the Butcher knife is a good option. You can get that by killing man-eater mildred in the bottom of blighttown (she'll invade you when you're human, but she's pretty easy).
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