Question from Fredoct

What is the best strategy (if there's is) after killing Petrus at the begining of the game?

Hello guys, I killed Petrus of Thorolund at the beginning of the game (a bit inconsequent) and I'm at level 17 with a knight.. My question is, is it worth to end my game and begin a new one just to learn his miracles? Please, if someone know this, answer. Tks!


Talos_Deschain answered:

There is another miracle trainer much later on. However she is that dudes friend so unclear how killing him will affect relations.
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tikarri answered:

After you ring the first bell, a lady and two other knights show up, and because you killed Petrus, they WILL attempt to kill you- you no longer have the chance to learn any of the miracles that Petrus or her had to teach. Google Dark Souls wiki and take a look at the list of miracles to decide for yourself if it's worth starting the game over.
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MonteCrispo answered:

I played as a str build first play through and the only miracle I used was heal in order to heal myself during multiplayer other than that I did fine without faith miracles
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