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Multiplayer at soul level 120-140?

hello everyone. Right now i'll be internetless for the next couple of months, so I have no idea of how multiplayer in dark souls looks like right now. I made my character's build intended for a slvl of 120 (since this was the "sweet spot" for demon's souls). I want to know if it is indeed a good level to get cooperative and competitive play. I also want to know if some of you are higher level than this (around 130-140), cuz if you're getting good multiplayer at this soul levels, I'm totally moving to your rank. On the other hand if these soul level ranks turn the game into a ghost town, let me know so I can start over again.

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MonteCrispo answered:

I'm a 164 right now and i see more tumble weeds than souls signs. I say after about 120 is when it really started to go dry although I do get invaded quite often but I've pretty much beat every boss solo the last 2 playthroughs with the very rare multiplayer help. Maybe two or three times last 2 or 3 playthroughs.
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