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Asked: 3 years ago

Does sinning prevent you from playing multiplayer?

I'm playing with a friend, we found a way to play together and had several multiplayer sessions. But then, we both discovered lately that we had sinned and had to pay around 90 000 souls to be absolved. We both have no idea what we did to sin (we did not attack NPCs, we did not switch covenants, we did not invade other player's realms), but since we discovered that, we were not able to see each other's signs even though we were respecting every rule and we were in the same covenant. I managed to remove my sin, but my friend still has to do it. Any ideas?

Additional details - 3 years ago

Nope we're all good, same level, way of white, everything. Now we absolved our sins and we started seeing our summon signs again. Coincidence?

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Sinning doesnt prevent multiplayer maybe both of you try joining the way of white also if your friends level is 10% higher or lower then you, you cant summon him and he wont be able to summon you

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