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Why did (Dragon on the lake) happen?

Greetings, question when I approach all to a dragon and I enter with it in convenant to it it is possible to give dragonscale
Question what for?

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Dragonscales rank you up in the covenant and you will receive rewards and such

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giving enough scales to the eternal dragon earns you the dragon body stone which just like the other stone you can only use it if you have NO armor on and your body will turn into a dragon/human hybrid and using the stone while in dragon form makes you do a move thats similar to the emit force miracle and increases your ATK and DEF for a short time after that i dont think theres another reward the only benefit of being in the dragon covenant is that you can invade people to kill to earn dragon scales and level up your dragon weapons then being able to level up only to +4 in 1 playthrough

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