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Killing blacksmiths?

I am at the end of my first playthrough, and want to button a few things up before taking on the final boss and moving on to new game plus. I would like to collect the items from the smiths, however before I kill them I want to make sure they do not remain hostile in the next playthrough. Any info? Thanks.


kingkrown24 answered:

Well I'm pretty far in new game+ & in my first playthrough I killed so much NPC's lol but in new game+ its a restart, you keep everything & it's like starting over but with the stuff you had in the first run, spell, items, equipment & the NPC's you killed don't go AWOL on you since it's like you're meeting them for the first time so if you are gonna start new game+ kill away in your current profile cause I'm positive they won't attack you. ^^
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jackwinz1 answered:

No one remains hostile after beating the game.
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