Question from LordBartoThe2nd

I need some one to trade with me!?

I am SL 72 and i accidentley attacked the first blacksmith. i need some one to upgrade my Falchion +5 to a Falchion +10 so i can make it into a Quelaag's Fury Sword. i will provide all of the materials and souls required to do this but i just need somone to do it for me. or, if anyone would just like to trade me a Falchion +10 or a quelaag's sword i would be willing to trade a lot for it.


melchaios answered:

Why don't you go to oswald of carim (the dude next to the belfry gargoyles who laughs like a maniac) and absolve your sins, this should make your blacksmith friendly again, of course you'll need 144 000 souls for this :)
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PHoToS999 answered:

I have a trading and jolly co-op chat room with some people around your level on psn. my psn is my gfaqs name if you're interested.
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