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What levels....?

What stats do i need to get the soul arrow as a warrior?


melchaios answered:

now, that's a tricky question. To "just use it" you just need to level intelligence until you reach 10, get a catalyst and the magic teacher in the undead burg. Now, for it to be actually usefull you need much more intelligence and better catalyst, in wich case you wouldn't be a warrior anymore. With the minimum requirements and the first catalyst the damage with soul arrow is underwelming, only fit for the most standard enemies (wich you probably kill quicker with melee) and stat scaling really makes the difference. If you're a knight of faith, you could get the tin darkmoon catalyst with the soul of boss gwyndolin and be a competent mage (at least with the spells your intelligence allow). If none of the above apply, my advice is to turn to pyromancy, anyone can use it, good damage, no stat requirements nor scaling, iron flesh available (good for melee warriors like yourself) and the pyromancy flame has no weight
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neohampster answered:

Stick with a bow for damage as a melee character, crossbow if you don't care about Dex since that doesnt give a bonus for Dex so it will have a higher base damage. If you JUST want to have a ranged to pull enemies I prefer the throwing knife. It does nothing in damage basically but its extremely simple to use unlike the bow, crossbow or magic which involve weapon swapping that can (and will) get you hit. On warriors with nothing in the range category be it bow, crossbow, or magic (or a drake sword lol) I always have a good pile of enemy drawing throwing knives, the best way to lure one enemy out of a pack so you dont have to fight 3 balder knights at the same time.
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