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What weapon should I got for next?

My soul level is 70, first play through. Just upgraded my uchigatana to lightning + 5, what should I go for next? my vitality is the highest , endurance is decent, others is kinda lower. What weapon/ shield should I go for next? I was planning for the Furysword but i accidentally wasted the boss soul.


dutman answered:

Judging by your stats you best off with a magic elemental weapon. They really do more damage than scaling ones until your scaling stats (str/dex/int/faith) are high. As for which weapon it really depends on your play style. I usually go with the +5 lightning washing pole cause i like the thrust. If you want more damage per swing try the great scythe, the R1 attack is a little hard to aim but the sweeping R2 is a crowed clearer. d it has range so if you time the slower swing properly you dont get hit
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TheGhostly answered:

It really just depends on how you want to play the game. For example i prefer higher damage output per swing so i go with greatswords. Ultra greatswords are good at times but for the most part i prefer the claymore+15 it scales C with dex and str and it works just fine for me on NG+.
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