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How do I beat gwyn, lord of cinder?

This definitely the hardest boss i encountered so far, he almost never stop attacking and i usually run out of stamina to block with a shield or to evade? is he the final boss? My other question is about gwendolyn , i heard you need some kind of a ring to find him/her, so where is this ring and what will i do with it?

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melchaios answered:

1. yes he is the final boss
2. If shield blocks didn't do the trick for you, using iron flesh is a good choice
3. Yep, you need the darkmoon seance ring and use it in anor londo in the lowest level you can reach via "elevator stairs", you'll find a bonfire and a statue of gwyn, if you're wearing the ring the statue vanishes and the path to gwyndolin unlocks. The ring is located in the catacombs, although I can't remember the exact location, check the wiki
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